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Cie CARABOSSE #Fire installation

Cie Carabosse is a french street theatre company which transforms many places with “Fire shows” all around the world. They incorporate fire, water, air, metal, music and a lot of humanity. Cie Carabosse says: “What we offer is outside the ordinary, not in a known format, often cheeky and expressed like nothing you could find in the standard repertoire. We create à disturbing world, full of humour and poetry in a city environment and a social one which is often too rigid.”   Since 2006, Cie Carabosse invite me to work on the sound aspect for its fire installations. The aim wis to create a musical atmosphere in communion with the life-size images that appear in the shows.

CARABOSSE: ©Sylvie Monier/©Noel Demolier