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 2017 #WOW

Music for the Mapping Show WOW (Spectaculaires-Allumeurs d’Images) in Brixen, Italy.

 2015 #Rennes

Music of the Show « Rennes sur son 31 » with the mapping from Les Allumeurs d’Images, the performer Théo Sanson and the lights from Spectaculaires.

 2014 #Guateque

Music from the show « Guateque » of the vertical dance company Delrevés. Composed, Recorded, and Premixed by izOReL izOReL: Laptop, Machines, Guitars, Bass, Voice Núria Soldevilla: Melodica, Keyboards, Voice Mixed and Mastered by « The Dok » Alberto Mezquiriz, izOReL Studio, 2014
2013 #Carabosse tour

Tracks composed and played by izOReL during the tour 2013 of the Company Carabosse. Mastered in UVA estudio, Barcelona, by Alberto Mezquiriz. Produced by Rezoprod
 2013 #karterykash

KARTERYKASH is a tribute to Mr Cash and his wife J. Carter… The 50’s in a spaghetti western 55 minutes of pure energy electro-acoustic rythms based on sounds recorded in a kitchen from PuebloNuevo a western cabaret a travel back in time talent in the service of pleasure and pleasure in the service of memory like a ring of fire the sound of a santiag boot on a ballroom floor more than just a gig…. Guitar, Voice and Laptop: izOReL Voice: Miss Dura Lex Bass: La guillotina Violin: Kalamity Drums: BamBam

A l’occasion de la Saison France-Vietnam, l’Institut Français et ATC International présente une ambitieuse création visuelle, sonore et musicale des Allumeurs d’Images de Rennes associés pour l’occasion à l’artiste izOReL (composition musicale et interprétation) et Le Cat Trong Ly (chant). Cet évènement a eu lieu au Palais de la Réunification – Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam), les 13 et 14 décembre 2013. Compositeur: izOReL Auteur: Le Cat Trong Ly Interprètes: izOReL & Le Cat Trong Ly Production: ATC International & REZOrue Master: Alberto Mezquiriz, La UVA estudio, Barcelona (España) Graphisme: Guillaume Caron ( Image: Les Allumeurs d’Images
 2013 #repite conmigo

Music for the show « Repite Conmigo » of the spanish vertical dance company Delrevés. Composed, played and masterised by izOReL Recorded Cello: Björt Rúnarsdóttir
2008 #Carabosse

izOReL (ORL for this disc) prepared « Carabosse » – a series of compositions performed live as an accompaniment to the French company of the same name and their fire installations ( – all along 2007. They have presented this show in Romania, Holland, Canada, Germany, UK, Luxembourg and France. izOReL musical universe is made of everyday life recordings (foods, telecommunication devices, assorted instruments, found ambiances); voices of the world that sing over guitar tremolos and « clicks n’cuts » rhythm cells…
 2006 #1 mot, 1 son, 2 idiomas

2004 #Amodio

Javi Manterola (Lisabö) y izOReL nos proponen en este disco, su primer trabajo juntos. Una actualizacion personal o personalizacion contemporanea del blues y el folk. Las raices de la musica popular se visten de electroacustica. Sonidos cotidianos que inundan profundas y fragiles melodias. Cantos a la comunicacion. Recorded in Brussels between 2003 and 2004 Mastered by Karlos Osinaga
 2003 #Monréalisation

Covers recorded in Montreal, 2003 in minimal conditions (just a laptop, a shit of soundcard and one Microphone ShureSM58).The idea was use only electronic to make theses covers expect for the voice! Music Arrangements: izOReL Voice: Yassine Balbzioui Covert Art: Yassine Balbzioui